Winter is coming….and the JLP will have to face the heat of the election

Posted: July 5, 2015 in Politics, Social Issues
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It has been a while since I have gotten the chance to sit and write a blog post, largely because the cost to survive and to sustain one’s self in this Jamaican economy is very costly and is an equally time-consuming and taxing arrangement. Today, I am moved to offer my contribution on the next general election. Let me be very clear from the onset, this blog post will not be filled with statistics and numbers and fancy indices and results from fancy World Bank and United Nations Reports. This post is very short and is anchored primarily in my opinion of the status quo; an opinion that is informed by observation of the social conundrum in which we exist as Jamaicans.


Is it too early to be talking about elections?

If you are of the belief that it is too early to be talking about elections then you are not well….you are simply unwell. And if you think that elections are a waste of time and we should not be talking about elections at all then you should be a slave!!! -_-…….our forefathers did not fight to grant us the right to political participation through adult suffrage for us to come and sit around and talk about “mi cyaa badda wid election”……if those of us who are “informed” enough to engage in political participation do not get up and participate then, in my opinion, we lose our right to criticize any political decision made by the government. One of the most difficult things to witness is to watch those who have never voted, who have never utilized avenues of political participation that are available to them, get up and say “that’s what/not what we voted you in for…..” when the only vote some of them have ever cast in their lives was a Rising Star vote….for the losing contestant……..ANYWAYS! The point I am making is that we must all participate in the political process in one way or the other so that our political exercises (such as elections) do not have to be so daunting when they come around.


It is not too early to be talking about elections. I believe that one of the main reasons we have an uninformed electorate is because as a society, we do not engender public discussions about elections early enough in order to disseminate information early enough and allow time for the electorate to validate information for themselves and to evaluate political candidates. When we wait until two months before elections to start talking about it, the electorate will only be consumed by the political noise, paid advertisements, and party jingles……none of which adds value to the quality of a vote.


On another note, I dare to agree that political discussions should be haled all year round because we should be constantly evaluating our political representatives so that when the election season arrives we are informed enough to vote, HOWEVER, we all know that the Jamaica political culture is set up in such a way that only a few of us study long ahead of the exam (election)……most of us are ‘swatters’, and we study the night before and most times do poorly on the exam (election) and end up selecting bad leaders in many cases. We don’t have to wait on the PM to announce the election dates for us to start talking about elections…. Elections happen even five years….do the math



The PNP and their issues  

I am not a pollster but I can tell you that the PNP will win the next election if all goes as it is still going. The PNP won’t win because of any good stewardship that they have displayed, but because the Jamaican people have nothing else to vote for- we will discuss this part later. Frankly speaking, the PNP has not performed as well as they should. They have failures in areas where there should be successes. On a more positive note, they have made minor progress in some areas of governance and truth be told, they have managed to hold the country from slipping into oblivion whilst even managing and correcting some of the woes of the previous administration. In addition, the PNP has recognized the value of youth in governance and the development process and has a cadre of young vibrant leaders in the party mainstream that are ready to carry on the party and that affords the party to connect better with many parts of the population.


The JLP- Not a good alternative

The Jamaica Labor Party……..smh. In a previous statement I indicated that the PNP will win because the Jamaican people have nothing else to vote for and it is true. The PNP will form the next government not necessarily because they will win….but more so because the JLP will lose. It is paradoxical but follow me. The JLP has constantly defeated itself and has consistently failed at proving to the Jamaican people that it is a better alternative. In their years of opposition, the laborites have a Satan-given gift of committing the same wrongs that they accuse the government of…they are always falling on their own swords. They accuse the Government of lack of accountability and transparency and 1. The leader of the opposition has a huge mansion that has attracted many conversations of money mismanagement and “shady business” 2. A similar situation ensued with the JDIP funds that went like unleaded fuel in a diesel engine with no real evidence and value for the money claimed to have been spent.

On another note, the opposition lambasts the government for poor leadership while having its party members sign undated resignation letters and using that as a cheap and immature avenue to unseat a sitting senator…….the JLP has failed to do its job well, it has not been a responsible enough opposition to prove to the Jamaican people that it can do better than the government of the day and so the leader will have to wait another term to get a chance at reading an inaugural address. Jamaica is a PNP country and that means that the JLP has to get ten halos while the PNP is wearing none, to win an election……that’s just the straight plain truth!


Feel free to comment below and lets start the discussion! 🙂

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