Now It has been a while since I have written a blog post….and I know that it is becoming a cliche and lame way to start every blog post, but what can I say, I am The Governor and “you can’t arrest me” for it and I am too far away to be pepper-sprayed for it either way. That aside, the truth is, I really do consider myself as part of the sleepy-center of the blogging community; in moments when things have reach critical mass, the sleepy center is awaken, acts, then returns to a docile (or passive) exercise of influence. I am not the blogger you will find commenting on every issue and that is why it will always be “a while since I have written”. Now that I have provided what I consider the best excuse for what really is just me being lazy to blog, lets get to the peppery issue- of course a pun is intended.

Jamaica is at a place where lawlessness abounds. We have all seen it for ourselves. Crime is everywhere and nobody seems to have the solution to the fix. We have reached a place as a society where it has become ok, even fashionable, for people to treat the law with scant regard and conduct themselves with wanton impunity. I have no interest is criticizing the government in this post but the only thing that has trickled down from the top are examples of corruption, illegality and disregard for law and order- lawlessness s everywhere in Jamaica. Though not the be-all and end-all of our crime problem, I can tell you with all certainty, that at the center of our crime problems as a country is our lack of respect for “our men and women in uniform”….especially the uniform with the stripe….we rarely take chances with the camouflaged ones.

We have witnessed (whether as a bystander or from videos) bus and taxi operators taking it upon themselves to become physically confrontational with police officers. In one instance, one taxi operator violently assaulted a police officer which resulted in him being shot by the police as the police tried to fend for his own life….my only regret in that situation is that the assailant wasn’t shot point-blank in the head. We have witnessed even our athletes taking stripes from the police and videoing it for show and tell. everybody sees the police as lesser human beings; we see them as springboards from which we can launch out political agendas, or, as popularly retorted, the reason why crime abounds. The truth is, as citizens, we are a very big part of the problem of crime and violence in Jamaica, we condone too much fuckery against the police. I am not saying that the police are angels, certainly they have their lot in the lake of fire, but today is not the day.



In a recent issue, we saw a police officer pepper spray a motorist during a confrontation that ensued after a traffic stop. I do not know the full details, but I will make my case as best as possible with the information I have. Let me be clear in my exegesis, THE OFFICER DID NOTHING WRONG.

Firstly, was the arrest lawful? The Road traffic Act gives the police the power to arrest any motorist for failure to produce his/her drivers’ license (amongst other documents) wherein that motorist has committed the offense of reckless and dangerous driving or careless driving. By the motorist’s son’s own mouth, the motorist did commit such an offense, and, by the motorist’s own mouth- and actions- there was a refusal (or inability) to produce a driver’s license. There you have it, both ingredients are present to constitute a lawful arrest.

Secondly, the question of the use of force arises. I only wish the police had a taser packing 220 volts- clearly I am exaggerating here but I am sick and fed up of the lawlessness in our country and I am at the place where I believe that we should put an end to our lack of respect for the law. I digressed. The force used by the officer was necessary. Let me tell you why I came to that conclusion. We have already established that the officer was justified in his decision to arrest the fellow. The officer was then faced with the decision of how to go about arresting the fellow. The officer told the motorist that he is going to arrest him, after which he instructed him SEVERAL times to step outside of his motor vehicle, but, top cop decided that “yuh Cyaa arrest mi”. Mi granny wudda seh ‘libatty kum chruu caylissniss’….wat a man brite!! **uses hand to shadow eyes while staring into the sun rising over the horizon** At what point did it become ok for us to defy lawful directives from a police officer in this country? This is the seed of our crime problems; we believe that we are higher and mightier than the law…..we believe that we have the right to treat the police however we feel. What about “comply then complain”?. I am not condoning police brutality or extrajudicial behaviour, but, if an officer of the law gives you a directive, once that directive is not threatening your life directly and imminently, you comply then fight the battle in court later. I am not saying that the police is always right and I am not saying that we should take shit from the police either. If you feel that the police is wrong in how he/she is handling a matter, it is not in your interest to become confrontational with the police. If you are convinced that you are innocent, comply today and then complain in court tomorrow.

So, the motorist refused to go calmly and so the police must now up the ante! The police observed is BDSM kit and decided that pepper spray will have to do the ploughing……..motorist get fuck now!…“busty cop gets it in the eye along the roadway while his son watches”*Lets pause* some people are of the opinion that the police acted too hastily and should have taken more time to explain to the man what he did wrong and what he was arresting him for. I disagree that any more explanation was needed.. this is why. The motorist himself said “yuh cyaa arrest mi for not having mi driver’s license” which would suggest that the police previously told him “I am arresting you for not having/presenting your license” that is the basis of the arrest… my opinion, the police need not go further to explain the statute to tell you that you not having or failing to produce your license is now an “arrestable” offense because it follows your careless and reckless driving. By law, you have a right to ask why you are being arrested, you do not have the right to resist arrest (well except for certain circumstances). The officer gave you a reason why he is arresting you, if you are not satisfied with that reason, your next course of action cannot be to become confrontational – you comply then you have your day in court. that we only had 6 minutes of footage. Furthermore, we do not know if the police had given that explanation previously and the motorist still decided to be defiant.  Yes we also do not know that the police did not explain to the man why he was being arrested previously……but let us use the evidence that we have. If we were to apply a character analysis of the two gentlemen based on what we saw in the 6 minutes of footage, we saw a police officer who was willing to be patient…he calmly gave the motorist the instruction to step out of the vehicle several times, let’s not forget that. What we also saw was a motorist who was defiant, and prone to aggression. Let us not use the rhetoric that “police a wicked and police untrained and police trigger happy”….let us treat this office as an end in himself…..based on his own actions.

Before the officer pepper sprayed the motorist, the motorist at one point charged form his vehicle uttering “hey if you tear gas mi a gu..” which from my opinion (and the opinion of many others), sounded as though he was going to say that “if yuh teargas mi a gunshot aguh fire out yah todeh”…this man is clearly not only careless and reckless in his driving but in his general conduct; another action which displayed him as noncooperative and aggressive, and even threatening to the police. The officer then decided to pepper spray him… was at that moment that he knew that he fucked up. I am sure he saw is ancestors….I am sure he saw Jesus on the right hand of God or Simone Williams on the left hand of the devil. the full force of the law had hit him in the eyes…..they often say that the light of enlightenment is often blinding….he saw that light….him see the piece a brightness weh him did a carry on wid.

Now lets get to the motorist’s son’s reaction……notice that all throughout this I referred to the driver as “the motorist” and not as an ex-cop. Him being an ex-cop has no bearing on the issue except for the fact that he should have known better. His son’s utterances that “30 years of service and this is how they treat you” tells us exactly how hypocritical many of us are in this country……I am actually glad he said it because it goes to show how even our young people are programmed to believe that access to public office gives you some privilege over that office. young man, 30 years of service cannot buy you a seat above the law. If Andrew Holness comes out to say that he has served parliament for 30 years so that gives him the right to get off any wrongdoing, all of us, including the motorist’s son, would cry shame on the Prime Minister. You offer yourself to serve, not to serve then expect anything in return except your pay every month end.

That is part of the reason our crime problem abounds, it is a cyclical problem where we believe that the police is out to get us and the police believes that we are out to get them, and then there are those in the mix who believe that they are above the law. For us to begin addressing our crime problem, we must first start by acknowledging that every citizen, each one of us has a role to play in the healing process. We must understand that it is not ok for us to disrespect the police because it has become some sort of fashionable trend….Yes I agree that police officers are can be very disrespectful at times, they often step out of line, they are not properly trained and the JCF has some work to do, but, if we as a people believe that the way to treat with rude cops is to be rude and disrespectful and assaulting, then we are going down the wrong path as a people. We blame the police for being untrained and not knowing the law but we also should be blamed for not knowing the law and for being poorly raised by some of our parents….some of us treat the police in ways that expose our poor “borughtupsy”. In many cases where we believe that the police is wrong, the police is actually acting within the law yet we take our perception that the police is wring and use it as a pedestal form which to ill-treat the police. Do not always assume that you are correct because you perceive that the officer is incorrect….just be civil at all times.

I also believe that police should be held accountable by the citizens they serve. I also do not want to live in a police state where police officers believe that they can arbitrarily arrest people, especially when they themselves are not properly trained. However, our crime problem has reached a place where, if even for a period of time, we must exercise a little more self constraint than usual, be a little bit more understanding with each other, a little more patient with each other; a period where we may sometimes know that we have a right but do not exercise that right for peace sake.

I believe that many of use are reacting to this incident from the position that “we can no longer allow the police to operate with this kind of abuse”…even though I do not believe that the police delivered any abuse in this situation, I dare say that even if the police was abusing his power, the motorist did not handle it in a way that would have gotten him the justice he would have deserved. As citizens we must wake up and understand that it is 2019, there are many courses of remedy that we can take if we believe that we are being wrongfully treated by the police…..being confrontational is not one of them…comply then complain, respect the law and those set to enforce it!


FUCK OFF Christena!!

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I haven’t written in a while. I have not. But tonight, I may have found an inspiration, however short-lived this inspiration, I hope I get out these few words before it expires….even as the keyboard responds to the pressure levied beneath my fingers I can feel the inspiration drifting but I shall write. Christena shan’t prevail.

I have come to develop a keen level of respect for a man I believe to be the saving grace of roots Reggae- Chronixx- a legend. Tonight my inspiration comes from the very fountain that birthed Chronixx’s inspiration to produce music; it is from that fountain that the exhilaration to push against the odds and tell Christena to fuck off, that Chronixx found his path to zion.

Chronixx in one of his tracks on his latest album, created for us a symbolic creature to whom we all can relate; a creature that represents our fears, our doubts, our insecurities, our perceived weaknesses, and our perceived shortcomings. While Other Rastafarians of this ital faith refer to this as ‘Babylon’, Chronixx makes a specific reference to ‘Christena’. Perhaps a long-time girlfriend that broke his heart…….perhaps she bought him a comb as a gift and insulted the very peninsula from which he projected himself to view the ocean of life……perhaps she fed him a pork sandwich under disguise…….frankly speaking I have not dialogued with the artiste to uncover the truth behind his disdain for the creature Christena, but, what I do know is that shi upset d Rasta…….from what I gather from the few lines of the Rasta’s rendition of the song, Christena apparently told the Rasta that he would not be successful at his expression of his vocal talent, but, alas! the artist is now a big shot! and so he has used that very talent to deliver nothing short of a stinging rebuke on Christena….JAH!!!!!!!!!!! Rastafiari!!!!!

Indeed I wrote this post partially for the theatrics, however, I primarily want every reader to take this page from Chronixx’s chapter…….we all have our Christena’s in life. That person/s who is so negative that they are always telling you how much your idea is more likely to fail than to succeed. Christenas come in many many forms… fact, some Christena’s are males with dicks and some are males with pussies….do not for a second think that Christena is generically a female…..”Christena” is the symbolic conduit through which Chronixx unveiled some of the devilish ways of humanity…….but regardless of the form in which this evil presents itself, you must be ready to disable the efforts of this evil!

There are those Christenas in your life who will always call themselves your ‘friend’ and will always seek to insert themselves in your life only to tell you how ‘unworkable your plan is……they always have an opinion on how you can “do it a better way” yet they are never willing to lift a finger to help even with their own suggestion on how you should lead your life. They are first to tell you that you are doing it the wrong way but never have any idea what the right way is; always tearing down and never building up- Pussyhole Christena dem!!!!

Don’t get me wrong….constructive criticisms are good but you must develop to capacity to decipher the difference between constructive criticisms and destructive criticisms….That process begins with a firm belief in self and confidence in one’s choices and beliefs, such that, no light wind can shift your sails when you have set focus. It is when you have lost your groundings and have a weak resolve that Christena can destabilize your efforts……It is when you do not believe win yourself that Christena can whisper negativity in your ears and dissuade you. One of the greatest gifts that you can give yourself is that of self-love and a firm belief in self……a belief firm enough to be able to identify the Christenas even when they present themselves in silk and sheep clothing, and a belief firm enough to tell Christena to fuck off when you have found him/her out.

**if your name is Christena i hope you are able to appreciate the Theatrical and literary use of the name…I mean no offense to anyone whose name is Christena**

Focus on your own sh!t

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Theatrical and exciting……….concise but rich with insight

Euranique R. Bailey

I’m sure we have all been inside of a public restroom. You know, the ones with the stalls?  You’ve probably been inside one in high school, at the movies, the mall or maybe on your dorm in college.

Most if not all of us have had to either release a load in one or even had the opportunity to be the person on the outside of the stall listening to the other person go. Have you ever noticed though, that when we enter a public restroom and someone is cutting the STINKEST piece… our first thought is never to leave?

You’ll probably bend your back and neck to see the person’s shoes just in case it’s someone you know or you’d probably listen for sounds if the shoes don’t provide enough information. Some persons will actually wait at the sink or in a corner to see who comes out. I don’t…

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For Those days when life is dead

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It has been a while, I must admit, it has been a while since I’ve written a thing. To be honest, I have forgotten how to write…..Have a lost a desire to write? no I haven’t, have I found new likings or tastes? perhaps, has my server to write everyday been restored? I doubt that. what I am however certain of is that there are days when no matter how poor a writer you are and no matter how much you hate writing, when writing is the only thing you can do, you will write. Writing opens your soul in unimaginable ways. Writing can be a friend in the darkest trods of life, it can be the best companion, and most certainly, writing can be that beacon of hope on the days when life is just dead. self expression is a critical part of human interaction and survival and writing gives you the perfect platform to express yourself; it gives you an audience when the seats is empty and a pew when the congregation has gone home. it gives you listening ears even in this grizzly graveyard of life especially on those days when life is dead.

So, today I write. not because I want to be a better blogger, not because my desire for writing has been restored but because today, life is dead. Today I can do nothing else but write because if I do not, I will explode. Today I write because somewhere in the cosmos there is something listening, there is something that can change my circumstances and bid to my hearts desires; desires that even I am unable to comprehend because today, life is just dead.

My friends, I tell you that no matter how strong and mighty you are, there are these days; the days when you are so angry and you feel so defeated; days when you are thrown to your face by life; days when nothing seems to be friendly and all seems dark; the days when not even whiskey help.

There are times when you will be so broken in life and you are suppressed by feelings of anguish, betrayal and frustration. There are days that nobody will be able to speak to your soul except pen and paper- so just write. Write as the universe speaks to your soul; write even when your thoughts seem confused and jumbled; write even when words are short and our lips are heavy; even when your mind is caged by your insecurities and doubt, just write- today I write because life is dead today.

There is this poem that I like its called Desiderata. I think that it is the most beautiful thing ever written……I think you should read it, certainly it will speak to your soul. One of the most enchanting lines of this beautiful poem goes like this “Be gentle with yourself. You are a child of the universe no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here”. There are days when you are at your weakest, when you are inundated with feelings of despair, when you believe life to be an ungrateful, wicked, evil, and uncaring place but you must remain strong. there are days when life will be dead to you, days when you see no other option for recourse and happiness but you must remain strong and keep your hope alive; you must write, write like hell and inspire your mind and heart- put pen to paper and speak life into your space and watch life around you majestically rise with life and meaning.

Another very motivating line in this poem goes “and whatever your labors and aspirations, in the nosy confusion of life, keep peace in your soul. with all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still beautiful world. Be cheerful. Strive to be happy.”………beautiful isn’t it? it sets the soul at peace in a very remarkable way- the power of writing

And even as I scribe these words I can feel the day resurrecting; I can feel pathetic fallacy grandstanding against my fears; I can feel the environment around my rising; I can now see the sun and it shines brighter than it did when I first started writing this piece; the paint on the wall is becoming less pale; yes, the grass is greener and the wind blows gently.

So today, even though life is dead, i will write; i will write life back into life

Winter is coming….and the JLP will have to face the heat of the election.

It has been a while since I have gotten the chance to sit and write a blog post, largely because the cost to survive and to sustain one’s self in this Jamaican economy is very costly and is an equally time-consuming and taxing arrangement. Today, I am moved to offer my contribution on the next general election. Let me be very clear from the onset, this blog post will not be filled with statistics and numbers and fancy indices and results from fancy World Bank and United Nations Reports. This post is very short and is anchored primarily in my opinion of the status quo; an opinion that is informed by observation of the social conundrum in which we exist as Jamaicans.


Is it too early to be talking about elections?

If you are of the belief that it is too early to be talking about elections then you are not well….you are simply unwell. And if you think that elections are a waste of time and we should not be talking about elections at all then you should be a slave!!! -_-…….our forefathers did not fight to grant us the right to political participation through adult suffrage for us to come and sit around and talk about “mi cyaa badda wid election”……if those of us who are “informed” enough to engage in political participation do not get up and participate then, in my opinion, we lose our right to criticize any political decision made by the government. One of the most difficult things to witness is to watch those who have never voted, who have never utilized avenues of political participation that are available to them, get up and say “that’s what/not what we voted you in for…..” when the only vote some of them have ever cast in their lives was a Rising Star vote….for the losing contestant……..ANYWAYS! The point I am making is that we must all participate in the political process in one way or the other so that our political exercises (such as elections) do not have to be so daunting when they come around.


It is not too early to be talking about elections. I believe that one of the main reasons we have an uninformed electorate is because as a society, we do not engender public discussions about elections early enough in order to disseminate information early enough and allow time for the electorate to validate information for themselves and to evaluate political candidates. When we wait until two months before elections to start talking about it, the electorate will only be consumed by the political noise, paid advertisements, and party jingles……none of which adds value to the quality of a vote.


On another note, I dare to agree that political discussions should be haled all year round because we should be constantly evaluating our political representatives so that when the election season arrives we are informed enough to vote, HOWEVER, we all know that the Jamaica political culture is set up in such a way that only a few of us study long ahead of the exam (election)……most of us are ‘swatters’, and we study the night before and most times do poorly on the exam (election) and end up selecting bad leaders in many cases. We don’t have to wait on the PM to announce the election dates for us to start talking about elections…. Elections happen even five years….do the math



The PNP and their issues  

I am not a pollster but I can tell you that the PNP will win the next election if all goes as it is still going. The PNP won’t win because of any good stewardship that they have displayed, but because the Jamaican people have nothing else to vote for- we will discuss this part later. Frankly speaking, the PNP has not performed as well as they should. They have failures in areas where there should be successes. On a more positive note, they have made minor progress in some areas of governance and truth be told, they have managed to hold the country from slipping into oblivion whilst even managing and correcting some of the woes of the previous administration. In addition, the PNP has recognized the value of youth in governance and the development process and has a cadre of young vibrant leaders in the party mainstream that are ready to carry on the party and that affords the party to connect better with many parts of the population.


The JLP- Not a good alternative

The Jamaica Labor Party……..smh. In a previous statement I indicated that the PNP will win because the Jamaican people have nothing else to vote for and it is true. The PNP will form the next government not necessarily because they will win….but more so because the JLP will lose. It is paradoxical but follow me. The JLP has constantly defeated itself and has consistently failed at proving to the Jamaican people that it is a better alternative. In their years of opposition, the laborites have a Satan-given gift of committing the same wrongs that they accuse the government of…they are always falling on their own swords. They accuse the Government of lack of accountability and transparency and 1. The leader of the opposition has a huge mansion that has attracted many conversations of money mismanagement and “shady business” 2. A similar situation ensued with the JDIP funds that went like unleaded fuel in a diesel engine with no real evidence and value for the money claimed to have been spent.

On another note, the opposition lambasts the government for poor leadership while having its party members sign undated resignation letters and using that as a cheap and immature avenue to unseat a sitting senator…….the JLP has failed to do its job well, it has not been a responsible enough opposition to prove to the Jamaican people that it can do better than the government of the day and so the leader will have to wait another term to get a chance at reading an inaugural address. Jamaica is a PNP country and that means that the JLP has to get ten halos while the PNP is wearing none, to win an election……that’s just the straight plain truth!


Feel free to comment below and lets start the discussion! 🙂

What Are You Afraid Of?

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you can feel the genuineness in every word written here!!!! Amazing!

Euranique R. Bailey

Anyone that knows me well enough or has ever enjoyed a conversation with me would know that I LOVE to help others. I can be walking on the road and find a little boy or girl selling chocolates and I’ll pay for it all and send them home. I want to be able to do that without hurting my pocket.

Another dream of mine is to open a homeless shelter as well as an agency or organization for the elderly where instead of taking them in a home or hospice I can send nurses out to live with them so they can enjoy the benefits of a home or hospice in the space of their own home.

Now that you know my dreams let me tell you my fears.
A fear of mine is to not be able to do all those things. I fear that one day I will…

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I have known this chica for about a million years now and every time i read one of her blog posts i feel like there is so much more about her that i need to know……..its always refreshing reading her posts….just so amazing and soothing!!!! Just beautiful

Euranique R. Bailey

I feel like Lucy writing this post.

Do you remember that scene in the movie when she was talking to her mom and she was talking about how she could feel her bones growing and how she tasted her mother’s milk in her mouth and all that jazz?

Yes, I feel like Lucy. It’s amazing all the things you notice when you sit still. I might do yoga just because of this.

Anyways let me get into it.

I SEE words running across the screen of my iPad,cushions,a couch, my grandmother’s wheelchair, a fake plant in the corner of the room, blue curtains.

I HEAR my fingers tapping my iPad, a clock ticking, Gibbs talking on NCIS, a baby crying, music playing (assuming that’s a club nearby). I hear the fridge doing whatever it is that it does. I hear a clicking sound, I don’t know what it is or…

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Twenty facts about me

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Excellent……..Authentic……Grounded……..Inspiring……Tactful…….ATouchOf Class………..Captivating

Euranique R. Bailey

Next on my to do list for my 31 day blog challenge is to write 20 things about myself so here goes:

1) My name is Euranique R. Bailey
2) I love Trix
4) I am a university student
3) I am an only child
5) I lost both of my parents to cancer
6) I love to read but if the first page doesn’t grab me I won’t push it
7) I am not shy. I am far from shy. I am reserved. I am afraid of being misinterpreted. When I do voice my opinions I am told that I am harsh. I am not shy.
8) I love to cook but I hate doing the dishes
9) I could wear jeans and tshirts for the rest of my life
10) I love food. I love going to restaurants, I love cooking food, I like walking down the aisles…

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UWI Guild Elections; Apathy?

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“shhhhhhhh” was the sound coming from the Returning Officer  of the UWI Guild election, Mr. Jason McKenzie as he attempted to quiet the anxious masses and offer the preliminary findings of the 2014 Guild Elections. An aura of mixed emotions swept the room; some candidates pacing the floor in the heights of anxiety while others sat lazily by as though they had gotten word of their victory before hand, or, perhaps, even they themselves were apathetic to the political processes and only ran because they could run. Other candidates mounted themselves on chairs with their eyes red; as though they may had several smokes to calm their anxious nerves. I prefer however, to interpret those red eyes as evidence of the long sleepless nights they had throughout the two weeks of intense campaigning.

The returning Officer approached the rail barricading the very sterile vote-counting process from the anxious crowd, raised his head, and within 15 minutes, the Assembly Hall was booming with cheers of joy for the success of all the successful candidates. What was troubling however is that though the election was free and fear and free form fear, is that I was fearful. I was fearful that the victories may not have been representative of the UWI population at all. Preliminary results show that at most, only 17% of the University’s population voted in the elections and 17 seats uncontested. I am therefore left to ask myself the questions- what is the reason for this? Is it true that the students of UWI Mona are apathetic towards campus politics and student governance? With a population of over 17,000 students how is it that just over a thousand votes only, gives an individual the highest student post in the school- that of Guild president. What caused this low voter turnout???!!!!!



I will not play the hypocrite (at least not today) and behave as if I don’t  not know what is happening on the ground. UWI students have grown to dislike student governance on campus and have generally expressed their dissent towards the guild of students. This is particularly so due to the fact that many believe that the guild council is a bunch of “career students” who are in their respective posts to further their personal ends. Students generally do not feel a sense of attachment to the Guild neither do they believe that their needs are adequately represented by their student leaders. I am by no means attempting to be the mouthpiece of the masses, but, I have walked the streets and I have heard the cry of the students. In fact, I was a successful candidate in the elections and throughout my campaigning process almost every individual I spoke with across the entire campus, indicated the very sentiments mentioned above. Some made it clear that they will not vote just because of these very sentiments while some indicated that they would give it thought with hope of voting for a change.

 The Self-Defeating PRO (Oshane Reid) – Reinforcing the stereotype

Of the 17 uncontested seats, Mr. Oshane Reid took one. He currently serves as the Guild PRO and is now Vice-President elect. Though he ran unopposed in the elections, it was still required of him to offer a speech to the electorate. In delivering this ‘speech’, Mr. Reid not only made a mockery of himself but he made a mockery of the Guild Council, and, while he was at it, he spat in the face of the electorate. A shameful reality!!!!!. Being sure of his seat on the Guild Council, and not having a need to convince the electorate to vote for him, Mr. Reid approached the lectern with the heights of nonchalance and spoke to the electorate as though he was doing them a favor. His attitude and mannerism spoke in a very clear and loud language “I am running unopposed and I have the position already so I don’t give a f**k about what you all think”. This prompted one girl to utter “him don’t even get the position yet and look how him a behave, mi tell unu seh all dem want a wi vote enuh den dem doe business bout wi agen” another girl seconded “he hasn’t even officially gotten the post and he has spat in our faces already”. SHAME SHAME SHAME!!!!!! This was the same Oshane Reid that pour his heart out to the electorate with utmost humility when he vied for the post of PRO in the 2013 Guild election, and one year later, this is he! An arrogant…(I shall not say). Oshane is my friend, very good friend too, but I have to let the chips stay lay where they have fallen. He has done himself a great disservice and he needs to start by apologizing to every pelican.


The official date for the closure of nomination for Guild elections had to be extended due to the fact that persons had been nominated for posts who did not meet the minimum GPA requirement of 2.0. When I heard that persons did not meet the GPA requirement I thought that the GPA requirement had moved to 3.0. There were seats that 8 persons were nominated for and all were rejected because of low GPA or financial clearance; hence extending the nomination period to accept new nominations.


What this means is that many of our students are doing poorly academically and are still seeking to offer themselves for leadership posts…..this is madness! This is an academic institution and so academic performance comes first. If it is that you cannot fulfill the basic and primary task of being a student, why would you seek to take onto yourself other tasks??!! I laud the Guild Council for this initiative of enforcing the rule of a minimum of a 2.0 GPA as a requirement of eligibility of candidacy for any post in student government. While I do agree that there are some students who may not have a fancy GPA but make excellent leaders, I still maintain that it cannot be discredited that a 2.0 GPA is a minimum standard that every student leader should reach.

Well, the results are there, the Guild Council elect has been named let us see what they have to offer!